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Who are we?

Amélie Nicolet

In love with and passionate about nature since childhood, it has been a great source of inspiration in my professional career, which I started as a graphic designer before discovering phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Passionate about these approaches, I studied and then, got a degree in Naturopathy in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPSN). I am currently preparing for the Swiss Federal Diploma in Naturopathy in Traditional European Medicine (OrTra MA)
Convinced that fasting is one of the most effective methods to help the body to maintain good health, I felt like increasing my experience in this field. I was happy to train with Sylvie Grosjean, Fabien Moine and in the Swiss center of preventive fasting Interlude Bien-Être where, I have been practicing for two years.
Attracted by Ibiza, as I lived there for five years, I feel the desire to share with all of you this beautiful island from a different point of view.  I kindly invite you to discover fasting with me on Ibiza. A warm island, full of beautiful resources and surprises that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

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Benjamin Lottin
Fasting companion

Graduated with a Master 2 in Nutrition, Physical Activity, Prevention, Education, Health at the University of Nice, I am passionate about natural health care approaches and fasting in particular, which was my subject of scientific dissertation for 2 years.
Co-author of a scientific article on fasting with researchers from Geneva, I contribute with the same team to the realization of a second study to measure the effects of fasting on different health markers.
As a guide for several years in a preventive fasting center in Switzerland, and trained in bio respiration and different relaxation techniques, I am eager to share with you the different tools at my disposal to take full care of your health.
I am also passionate about nature, ecology, and edible forests and I am happy to accompany you during your fast.

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